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Great Reasons to Ride an Electric Bike! 1. Some hills are just too steep and or long. 2. The ride was further than you thought. 3. You just don't feel like pedaling anymore. 4. It's fun to zoom along and show off. 5. You want to get where your going sooner.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three Wheel Electric Bikes

I am a great fan of Electric three wheel bikes, my step mother drives one everywhere she goes. Most three wheelers that I have seen are 24" wheels and very expensive, Normally they run from $400.00 to $600.00.

I really like the Schwinn Meridian, it's the only 26" - 3 wheeler that I know of.  It has the largest wheels that I know of and a longer wheel base which gives it a better ride.  If you feel like you need a bigger bike, you can raise the seat as high as it will go or even buy a longer seat post.

The same can be done for the handle bars, either raise them to the highest or extend the gooseneck.
The best place to buy this is at Walmart for $249.00 delivered to your local store for free or for a few dollars more, they will deliver it to your home.

We carry the Wilderness Energy electric bike conversion kits, which I think are the most reliable and market proven kit on the market, The motor is part of the front wheel which give you three wheel drive. The front wheel driven by the motor and the rear driven by the pedals. There are a couple of options available for power, the 600 watt motor with a 36 volt power system which is good for driving around town (on a three wheel bike) with speeds up to 16 miles per hour on a three wheel and 20 mph on a two wheel bike.
If you live in an area with hills or strong headwinds and need more power, the

T 800 is available with a 48 volt system which will give you more distance between charges and speeds around 20 miles per hour.


1 Schwinn Meridian         $249.00
600 watt motor kit           $425.00

Schwinn Meridian          $249.00
T 800 Motor kit            $485.00
48 volt option                $79.00

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